one-day trip for CherryBlossom season in Jinhae

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    Start from Busan-Gyeonghwa Station-Yeojwacheon Stream CherryBlossom road-Romance Bridge-Jehwangsan Park-Back to Busan

     As you wondering on the Yeojwacheon Stream you may see many cherry blossom trees along the stream and some small bridges during cherry blossom festival. Especially the stream,is the most beautiful at night. When you visit there at night, you might find beautiful illuminations on the stream. The is even more beautiful when the wind blows and the petals start to fall.. like snowing of petals.If you are looking for a  place to really experience the Cherryblossom season in Korea, then Jinhae is a must-visit. The best places to go are Yeojwacheon and Gyeonghwa Station.

    • 09:00

      Travel from Busan Hotel or
      designated location of Busan City.

    • 10:30

      Arrived at Gyeonghwa Station
      (expected to stay for 40  minutes)

    • 12:00

      Arrived at Yeojwacheon Stream
      Cherry road

      (expected to stay for 40  minutes)

    • 13:00

      Arrived at Romance Bridge
      (expected to stay for 90 minutes)

    • 15:30

      Arrived at Jehwangsan Park
      (expected to stay for 90 minutes)

    • 19:00

      Back to Busan hotel or designated place of Busan city


Once you finish the reservation,our system will send the reservation confirmation letter to your mail box you designated if you do not receive it, please check your junk mails.

 The expense includes:

● Driver and charter cost(Fuel costs, Parking fee, Toll) .
● The highest Passenger Liability Insurance is
NT 3,000,000 /PPL.

 The expense excludes:

● Meals.
● Personal consumption.
● Fly lantern.
● Tickets of attraction.
● Accommodation.
● Driver service time is 9 hours. If you over 9 hours, will produce Timeout Fee for TWD 500
/ hour. Please pay  directly to driver. 


● Cancellation of the reservation or delay due to any reasons other than events of force mejure happens during the trip, you can postpone the date or cancel the reservation, and we will assist you for the full of refund
●  For other condition of cancellation:
1.Tourists or can't arrive at place for pick-up.We can't accept refund.
2.If tourists can't back to place for pick-up during the trip and cause the detained situation, we can't accept refund.
● Due to control of time and the safety for tourists, if tourists can't visit some spots because of some reasons (eg:weather,renovation...etc), driver will explain to tourists

 Policy of cancellation:

● For the reservations that are cancelled 21 to 30 days before the departure, a handling fee of 10% of the value of the amount will be charged.
● For the reservations that are cancelled 11 to 20 days before the departure, a handling fee of 20% of the value of the amount will be charged
● For the reservations that are cancelled  4  to 10 days before the departure, a handling fee of 30% of the value of the amount will be charged
● For the reservations that are cancelled  3  to 1 days before the departure,  a handling  fee of 70% of the value of the amount will be charged.
● For the reservations that  are  cancelled on 
the day of departure, we won’t reimburse you for the refund.
● The standard of charging handling fee is
 based on individual contract of adhesion.

● If the account of refund is not the Bank of Taiwan, we will charge TWD 300 for transferring charge

 Booking Confirmation:

● Thank you for your support and booking, let us look forward to the beautiful holiday.
● The customer service will reply to your booking 
confirmation within 2 days.
● Look forward to further  service for you and your travel destination.
● If you don't receive contact message from  the customer service in 3 days,  please send
e-mail to our customer service to find out the booking situation.

Note:If we have unaccomplished matter of instruction,we reserve the right to have explanation


If you have any further questions or customization please. Send inquiry

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